Swimming – Sports and Meditation Combined

Swimming – Sports and Meditation Combined

One of our favorite sports is swimming. Somehow it's a bit underrated, but not for a good reason. Actually, swimming is more effective than weight lifting and running and it has amazing cardio benefits, without the potential long-term negative effects on your joints.

When you have a good stroke technique, you can get a great cardio workout and not worry about doing damage to your body. It's essentially the easiest way to get a full-body workout while cooling off on hot summer days or warming up on snowy winter days. You just need your swimsuit and a pair of basic goggles and you're set to go.

Because of the low-impact nature of the sport, it's considered to be the best activity for professional athletes that are recovering from a sport injury. It's a sport that fires up most of the body's major muscle groups and therefore strengthens your core. Swimmers tend to have stronger lungs than other athletes, but need to make sure that they rely more on salt-based pools or the ocean, instead of chlorine ones.

woman swimming at the pool

There's also another great benefit of swimming – When you’re concentrating on your laps, your mind has the chance to take a break from your everyday worries and slip into a meditative state. This helps to reduce your stress levels and therefore improve your health.

Let's get started with a simple workout!

Swim 20 laps of 50 meters each with a 30 second rest between each. Make sure you take the time to grasp the technique and focus on your breathing until you feel it becoming longer and deeper. We don't like counting calories, but if you wish to do so, get yourself a smart watch that will keep everything in track for you. We also recommend taking a few professional lessons to learn and improve new techniques and make sure you're doing everything right. It's always best to learn from the experts.

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